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City Community Tennis Club Policy Reminders

What Clubs need to know from November 2019 Toronto Tennis Liaison Meeting (COT = City of Toronto)

1. Windscreens and Liability to the Club - If windscreens are put up wrong or left up for too long, they may cause damage to the fences (city property). Ensure that your club is using the proper technique for putting up windscreens – To have loose ties that can break in strong wind so the screens can rip off if necessary and not pull a fence down.

2. There's no requirement to have community courts open for access outside the season - there are plenty of other COT public courts around.

3. No security cameras or surveillance allowed on COT property AT ALL. Even if there were there, they would only viewed by the Security division at COT.

4. COT has a risk matrix re: staff and their level of involvement with the public – they will share the matrix and keep it in mind for our staff (Pros, etc.).

5. City has received complaints about AGMs and vote rigging ... COT were considering how to handle this - clubs maybe asked to also submit their bylaws for inspection when they apply for a city permit.  Tennis Toronto recommendation: Ensure you follow your policy and bylaws re AGMs and that they limit the number of proxies a member can have at an AGM to one or only a few so members can’t sway votes.

6. In the COT Policy and Procedures it states that a Board member cannot financially gain from being a Director … It does not mean that meals and dinners and other things are not allowed - just financial remuneration. Another policy states that a club cannot employ a member of the club...this was clarified to be "a club cannot employ a BOARD member of the club".

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City policy as of March 18:

All City of Toronto tennis courts are to remain closed through April 5. This includes clubhouses as well. This is consistent with the direction that all City facilities remain closed until this date.

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