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Tips on Creating a Safe Club Environment

Points to Consider

o What do members agree to follow before they join? o Include that they need to agree to the club rules, code of conduct and policies (include a link to them and could also refer to the OTA’s code of conduct) when they join/renew

o What do the Executive sign and agree to at the beginning of their positions? Could use a code of conduct for the Executive (some clubs do)

o Do the Executive have job descriptions? It would be good so they know their roles and summary of them could be put on the website so members know too. (ex. Wanless www.wanlesstennis.com/board-of-directors)

o What do Pros or Head Pros and staff agree to with their written contact? As to follow clubs rules and policy and to obey the club’s anti-harassment policy-Does your club have one?

o Do you have written contracts with every staff person each year that includes their job description?

o Are your club rules and court booking policy posted at your club or in your clubhouse?

o Do you keep little to no cash at your club or if collecting for an event or guest fees, remove it from the club very soon after? Many clubs have members register and pay online or if they can’t, could let them pay by cheque rather than cash. Guest fees could also be paid online if you have that ability (as some clubs do). Try to avoid having much cash at the club at any time.

o Do you have a first aid kit and AED? Does your staff know what to do in an emergency? o If so, are there signs in the club to tell members where they are? Are monitors, Club Manager, Head Pro or Pros and some Executive trained on how to use it? Do staff know not to move a person if they fall?

o Is the first aid kit checked weekly to ensure it is complete and products haven’t expired?

o Is the AED (if your club has one) checked daily that the battery light is on so it is working?

Some clubs require monitors to have current first aid and AED training (some pay for the training) and some require the Head Pro or some Pros to as well.

o Who do you require to have annual police background checks or vulnerable background checks by club opening or before they start? All monitors/court stewards (even returning ones) and the Head Pro (even if he/she is returning) and some or all Pros and Club Manager? Current police checks for all staff before staff start are very important.

o Do staff get training re how to deal with problem situations with emergencies, members and non-members BEFORE club opening or before they start?

o Do monitors work when no one is at the club? Good idea to try not to have club monitors work at your club on their own when no members or Pros are there for safety reasons. (They could come back after it stops raining if there are events or when courts are booked.)

o Do you have a formal complaint process? The city requires that clubs have one so if a member has an issue they know what they need to do to get it addressed.

o Do you know who your city park supervisor is responsible for your club and their contact info and your city councillor so you know who to contact re any issues (or to thank for their help)?

o Do you have emergency contact info for staff and pros available to those who may need it as well as that of members and do staff know when and how to use it?

o Do you have an incident report that staff or Pros need to fill out after the incident and who is it emailed to? The President and Club Manager (if one) and Head Pro?

o Do you always have ice available? If you don’t have a fridge, what do staff do if they need ice for an injury?

o Do you inform the city right away if lights by the club are burned out, benches or steps or broken and stress the urgency of getting them fixed soon?

o If your club has a garden or flower pots that you maintain, do you always require staff and members to use thick and waterproof gloves when they work with the soil to protect them from anything that may be in the soil (as garbage, broken glass or drug needles)?

o Do your staff and members keep the courts tidy and free of leaves and garbage? o Do you inform the city if your club is broken into? And do you email the members (adult members only) to let them know and to tell them to call the city non-emergency number if they ever see anything suspicious and not to go into the clubhouse or near it if it appears to be broken into?

o If your clubhouse area is not bright enough at night, what can you do to improve the lighting? Have you informed the city?

o Do you limit how many balls members can use on a court at a time and only allow them to use a ball machine (if your club has one) on a court with a divider net or no one on the court beside them?

o Is the police’s non-emergency number posted at your club or the city’s 311 number (for situations as all court lights don’t work or no water or similar issues) for staff to call if needed?

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