City of Toronto Tennis Policy

The Tennis Policy for the City of Toronto is contained in two documents.


The Policy for Outdoor Community Tennis Club Operations

  • sets out the broad outlines of the City policy  for Community Tennis Clubs

  • was approved by City Council in 2016.

Click on the link above to see the policy. 

The Outdoor Community Tennis Club Procedures and Guidelines

  • supplements the main City policy (above) and offers more details on operational details involved in running community tennis clubs 

  • a first version of the document was produced in the fall of 2017

  • will be reviewed every 5 years or as deemed required by the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division 

  • Note: it you are a clay club looking for explicit reference to your club's exemption from having to have public hours, this is the document for you. (See page 5.) 

.Click on the link above to see the policy.