2021 Junior League Cancelled due to COVID-19


  1. Only OTA member clubs are eligible to enter teams in the League. Team players must be a member in good standing of the OTA member club they are playing for.

  2. Each participating member club will select team players to represent their club using a criteria determined by that club.

  3. A player can only play for one Tennis Toronto team within a single season (i.e. ABC Club Red cannot lend players to ABC Club White). Once a player has played a match for a team, they are only eligible to play for that same team during the current season.

  4. Players must be under 18, under 14 or under 10 as of the prior December 31st to play in their respective categories.

  5. Under 14 players can play up in the Under 18 category at any time and Under 10 can play up in the Under 14 during the season.

  6. Clubs may field more than one team. Clubs are encouraged to field multiple teams of equal playing ability should they have enough players to do so.

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