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2022 Junior Doubles League

The purpose of the junior doubles league is to introduce boys and girls to tennis competition in a
fun format and teach them in a playing situation about positioning and the tactics of doubles play.
Coaches are encouraged to coach strategy and positioning during a 3 minutes break after the
fourth game, where mutually agreed to by each team. This league is an introduction for Juniors
into interclub play, teaching juniors good sportsmanship and how to be ambassadors for their
club both at home and away.
Host clubs are responsible for providing balls and a light post match refreshment.
Each participating club fields a team consisting of 2 Under 10 doubles pair at 4 pm, 3 Under 12
doubles pairs at 5 pm and 3 Under 18 doubles pairs at 6 pm. each Saturday starting April 27th,
2022. Please try to field a minimum of one girl per week on each team. Children need to
understand basic scoring and have a functional serve. Participants can only play for one team
within a season. Scoring system is teams play a total of 12 games or for an hour. If the score is 6
all, the match is a tie. All scores will be recorded and sent to Kent Yee &
Ethan Wachtel for final standings. More details to follow on scheduling
& team standings. It will be a 6 week schedule and finals to be played on June 18th with venue to
be determined.
There are no matches scheduled May 21st (Victoria Day Weekend).
The season will finish with a City Wide flighted tournament on June 18th. Participants must
have played at least 2 regular season matches to be eligible for the June 18th tournament.
If you have questions, please contact Kent Yee or call 416 917-7148
Teams need to be entered by email prior to April 4th, 2022 to be included in the schedule.
Please send your entry fee cheque for $50/team (U10, U14 & U18) payable to “Tennis Toronto”
and application prior to April 4th, 2022.


  1. Only OTA member clubs are eligible to enter teams in the League. Team players must be a member in good standing of the OTA member club they are playing for.

  2. Each participating member club will select team players to represent their club using a criteria determined by that club.

  3. A player can only play for one Tennis Toronto team within a single season (i.e. ABC Club Red cannot lend players to ABC Club White). Once a player has played a match for a team, they are only eligible to play for that same team during the current season.

  4. Players must be under 18, under 14 or under 10 as of the prior December 31st to play in their respective categories.

  5. Under 14 players can play up in the Under 18 category at any time and Under 10 can play up in the Under 14 during the season.

  6. Clubs may field more than one team. Clubs are encouraged to field multiple teams of equal playing ability should they have enough players to do so.



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